Planning helps shape communities for a better tomorrow.

Planners engage citizens to consider what they want for their communities, today and in the future. Basically, we follow a four-step process to do this.

Step 1: take stock

To know where a community is headed, planners look at data like population, economic and housing statistics. From these figures, we’re able to determine the trajectory of a community and inform citizens. What do the numbers tell us about Youngwood’s future?

Step 2: reflect

Next, we ask citizens to thoughtfully reflect on what they like or don’t like about their community. What are the things that are important or need to change?

step 3: set a vision

Working with citizens as active participants, planners help craft the vision for a community. What does Youngwood want to be when it grows up?

step 4: write the GAME PLAN

The meat of a Community Plan is the steps necessary to reach the community’s vision. With practical and realistic steps, the Borough can become the place citizens want. How do we get there?

Step 5: Work the Plan

Following through on what you say you’re going to do is what makes planning valuable. Working the plan also requires regular intervals of reflection. Are our solutions working? What do we need to do differently?

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